Every year my mother-in-law makes a few batches of jams. She usually makes raspberry, saskatoon, and raspatoon. My all time favourite is her raspberry jam. She would bring us jars whenever she visited and sometimes would send them though the mail all wrapped up so not to leak. It was like christmas every time we got a jar and we would savour it right until the end. She grows her own raspberries in their back yard and uses them to make the jam. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to the stage of growing my own berries so I went to my local market last week and picked up some fresh local raspberries. I couldn’t wait to get them home and make my very own batch of jam.


First off, I bought a brand new pack on 250ml mason jars from the Home Hardware. I also bought the dissolvable labels which I think is one of the best inventions. I hate trying to scrape off old labels and the jars get all sticky with the glue. With these, you can just rinse the jar with warm water once it’s empty and slide the label right off no problem.


I washed my jars with soapy hot water and then used boiling water to sanitize them.


A potato masher is all that’s needed to mash up those raspberries.


All mashed up and ooey gooey goodness. They smelled so good!


For some reason, I got confused and ended up making a double recipe totally by accident. Instead of just using 4 cups of raspberries, I thought I needed 8…derp. I happened to have some frozen raspberries in the freezer so I used those and topped them off with some strawberries I had on hand. So my recipe is raspberry jam with a little strawberry on top 😉


I’ve been trying to cut back on white refined sugar so I used Organic Cane sugar I found at Costco. I found it hard to accept the amount of sugar that goes in this recipe, but I read it’s important not to cut back, it’s what helps that jam get thick and delicious. Plus, you only use a tablespoon or two on your toast or crumpets 🙂


I attempted to remove some of the seeds but ended up giving up very quickly. It was far too much work by hand, I might have to find another method for this step. Maybe next time I’ll put half the raspberries through the blender just to break them down a bit.


All the fruit in the pot ready to start cooking. Added the lemon juice and butter.


The fruit after it’s all cooked down and pectin added, it looks almost translucent at this point. I had to switch to a bigger pot I had so much jam!


Filled up all the jars leaving about a quarter of an inch at the top. It’s a messy step, and the jam is hot to make sure to use an oven mitt if you’d holding the jars. Next time, I think I’ll buy one of those fancy funnels so the jars don’t get so sticky.


Last step, all the lids applied and rings screwed on tight. I was worried that the tops wouldn’t depress but as the jam cooled, they all popped down. This jam should last about a year in storage if the lids have depressed properly. If for whatever reason any of the lids didn’t depress, just keep them in the fridge and eat those ones first. Or give some to a friend 🙂

Ok, so here’s the recipe based on Certo’s Raspberry Jam recipe. The only difference is I added lemon juice to my recipe… and doubled it, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you want a lot of jam!

This recipe makes about 8 cups of jam, so you’ll need 8, 250ml glass jars.

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